2017 Teaching Movement Research at SNDO (NL)

2016 Intensive Course SNDO (NL)

2016  Workshop at Derida Dance Center, Sofia (BG)

2016 Artistic Advisor for Performance of Diego Oliveira, Maya Tamir at SNDO (NL)

2016 Artistic Advisor for Performance of Evangelos Vaggelis Biskas at FONTYS (NL)

2016 Teaching Movement Research at SNDO (NL)

2016 Teaching at Auditions SNDO (NL)

2015 Noorderpark Festival  Workshop (NL)

2015 Artistic Advisor for Performance of Mao Nakagawa, Riccardo Guratti, Elisa Zuppini and Laima Gagane at SNDO

2015 Teaching Movement Research at SNDO (NL)

2015 Teaching at Intensive Course at SNDO (NL)

2015 Teaching at Auditions SNDO (NL)

2104 Workshop at Guangdong Dance Festival in China (CH)

2014 Workshop during Moving Futures Festival for MDT/AHK and Arnhem/Rozet

2014 Artistic Advisor for Performance of Juan Pablo and Mao Nakagawa at SNDO (NL)

2014 Workshop ‘Interactive Content’ at Makers Intensive Program (NL)

2014 Teaching Movement Research at SNDO (NL)

2014 Teaching at Intensive Course at SNDO (NL)

2014 Teaching at Auditions SNDO (NL)

2014 Artistic Advisor for Performance of Nadia Bekkers at SNDO (NL)

2013 Teaching Movement Research at SNDO (NL)

2013 Teaching Gender Workshop at SNDO (NL)

2013 Workshop ‘Performance Forest’ at PUNCH Festival (NL)

2013 Workshop at Centrum Inicjatym Artysty, inside Mandala Festival, Wroclaw (PO)

2013 Teaching at Auditions SNDO (NL)

2012 Teaching at Audition SNDO  (NL)

2009 Contact Improvisation at Talile OH3, Amsterdam (NL)

2003 Physical Theater, Escola Publica Virgilia Rodrigues (BR)

The job of an educator is to teach students to see vitality in themselves – J. Campbell


work. practice. from body to shared spaces. from shared spaces to the body. look at movement and bring to movement new perspective to be spectated. unfold the meanings towards a non-representative body but a full capturing and re-shaping (in)visible forces. bring your questions into material of investigation. create an environment to surprise yourself with the unknown and the chances. flow between chaos and being “on the track”. be affected by your own physically while performing.  give to the space a particular presence with you body. shift the perspective of normality. stage your movement. nurture new tools in the relation performer and his sub/ab/ob/jects. bring magic into the space. expand the view and the perception of your own body trough your practice. expand the view and the perception of the body trough making. make from your process a harbour. liberate everyday the body of its own limitations. create limitations to explore new hidden potentialities. emancipate the means to communicate. bloom your intuition and re-distribute new spaces of sensibility. make possible new imaginaries of the body, its functions and relations. change your internal weather and act on the environment/surrounds/spheres. articulate about your inspirations, references and desires as creator. be a mover to move mountains. aware, to combine and transform the elements that surrounds your practice. transgress all you knew. re-map all that you want to re-invent. transpose your information into knowledge and how to share it. create as a child, as a god, anonymously, as a star, as an animal, as an object, as mineral, as the wind, as atomic molecule, as a deep substantive, as energy, as drag queen, as a machine, as a lover, as a hero, as a master and as learning being. update new energy sources in the body. give new senses (sense=directions and sense=affections) to making. making trough re-creating conditions. and to work aware of conditions that surround you. to go beyond vocabulary. produce malleable and permeable spheres. invite movement to renewal and heal. keep finding possibilities. choose till arrive to new directions and again new possibilities. create new gestures. question automatisms and other isms. integrate. activate what is around you. create circulation from the internal systems of the body to macro-systems. micro-politics. move as a medium. move with generosity. move appropriating. move occupying and deterritorialising the borders. move ideas. move gently but wisely wild. move without pretensions and therefore infinite. to move powerfully not forcefully. move things. move not imposing. move in trance. move as an enthusiastic orgasm. make the earth shake.FB


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