2012 .whatdowefinallyshare.

This project started at Makers Intensive at Dansmakers and it was presented at Uitmarkt Festival and PUNCH Festival in Amsterdam. The piece was selected to Aerowaves as priority companies 2013.  It was showed an adapted version for Van Gogh Museum and took part of I like to watch too Festival/Julidans. It will be presented in Frankfurt as part of residence in Zzentrum and at Festival Contemporaneo de Danca in Sao Paulo.

Spending time together. Dismantling identities. Dis-establishing normality. Reaching impossible states. Unknown experiences. Body and environment, environment and body: Painkillers, Facebook, Apocalypse. My body is the place where the other could be.|| to re-posses our (im)possible bodies|||

The distribution of the sensible reveals who can have a share in what is common to the community based on what they do and on the time and space in which this activity is performed. The Politics of Aesthetics, Ranciere.

 The things of the perceived world are manifest to us in experience, and not substances hidden behind a veil of appearances. Their meaning (work of art) is what is given in our experience of then. Phenomenology of perception, Merleau-ponty


.whatdowefinallyshare. is a dance performance that investigates the idea of ‘being together’. The three performers place their body in a journey within extreme relations. The body is the place where the other could be. What do we produce, distribute and experience, as individual and collective, and how does it affect us? .whatdowefinallyshare. by the young choreographer Belfiore focus on the relation in between the audience and the performers trough the bodily experience. Intense and with humor, the performance produces strong images and mixes classic music, pop and visual arts.

Concept and Choreography: Fernando Belfiore

Creation and Performance: Andrius Mulokas, Valentina Parlato and Fernando Belfiore

Dramaturgical Eye: Katarina Bakatsaki and Suzy Block

Sound advice and technical support: Tian Rotteveld

Sound Collage and Light design: Fernando Belfiore

Thanks to Federico Bonelli, Ricardo Guratti, Elien van Riet and Zeynep Gunduz

Production: Dansmakers Amsterdam with the support of Amsterdam Funds for the Arts, Funds for Performing Arts and Z Zentrum für Proben und Forschung Frankfurt

Photos: Thomas Lenden – Amsterdam , Jonia Guimaraes – Sao Paulo , Boy Jomer , Paradiso Amsterdam

Francis Fukuyama’s controversial 1989 essay, The End of History, Insisting on the relative autonomy of the culture and exploring art’s specific interstices within political and economic structures, the framework of this exhibition involves a shift in emphasis from culture itself to the domain of cultural politics—a place where meanings are negotiated and relationships of dominance and subordination are defined and contested.  As Stuart Hall said, “cultural practices…have become a realm where one engages with and elaborates politics.”  In this context, politics have nothing to do with political parties, but how people can express their identity and how artists and art can define their own intersection with the world in which they live.  it seems particularly important to reflect on the possibilities and challenges for understanding the fragility of this power despite of the apparent freedom and abundance that we in the industrialized world enjoy. also intends to challenge the act of seeing.  Not a spectacle, it offers a number of alternative ways to believe that art can still be a far-reaching experience transforming the moment of viewing.  The point was to address the history of the present through works that avoid direct representation of current life.


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10666_353109581458359_1572011681_n 1044142_353109561458361_345661080_n DSCN4022 DSCN4028 mask Screen shot 2013-07-10 at 2.45.40 AM Screen shot 2013-07-10 at 2.49.35 AM

Van Gogh Museum





Paradiso ILTWT (Julidans) Amsterdam – Joy bomer (Joy Photography)

FCD 2013 FCD 2013 FCD 2013 FCD 2013 FCD 2013 FCD 2013 FCD 2013 FCD 2013 FCD 2013


Festival Contemporâneo de Dança – FUNARTE – São Paulo – Jônia Guimãraes

Bizar Bazar

  • and I miss you more,than france needs you

  • Bizar Bazar

    yes..and I miss Fe too! hope he didn’t change. still cute

    have you seen him later? he found a best friend…some kinda mtv girl

  • Valentina Parlato

    I saw him on skype few days ago, sweet petite and sexy as usual.

  • Bizar Bazar

    i meant lately

  • Valentina Parlato

    later and lately have exactly the same meaning in my brain

  • Bizar Bazar

    got out of depression already??? hope he did, cause I have no extra energy for other’s re-treatment

  • Valentina Parlato

    are you smoking any weed?

    fe was depressed? impossible brazilians don’t get depression

  • Bizar Bazar

    nothing, just eating banana

  • Valentina Parlato

    and who’s this mtv girl?


    fe hanging out with girl? this is wiard

  • Bizar Bazar

    no,they dont, if they are in Brasil. but he was just back to amsterdam.

    I’m serious.you should check his wall.

  • Valentina Parlato

    yes all the mushroom reportage looks kind of decadent

  • Bizar Bazar

    i just couldn’t like that picture, even though I really like it

    he is moving fast forward

  • Valentina Parlato

    what the fuck!

    there is a mushroom in the washing machine

    jesus christ

    and they call it Art

    we better go to amsterdam and rescue him asap

    are u about to present your work?

    how is your eyebrow going?

  • Bizar Bazar

    it’s growing it’s growing

    i just performed in Reykjavik last weekend .twice

    i just made a big circus. after I felt like a whore

  • Valentina Parlato

    oh I know that feeling

  • Valentina Parlato

    you also have it sometimes?

  • Bizar Bazar

    I just always start the same way

    I just dont know why

  • Valentina Parlato

    Eden Wood: Hanging Up the Crown


    A tribute to Eden Wood, the most adorable cutie patootie in the entire universe! You can retire from pageants, but you cannot retire from our hearts. Break a…
  • Bizar Bazar

    it was the first time when everyone where laughing at me and I almost started to cry

  • Valentina Parlato

    hope this will give a sense to your pain

    everyone laughing at you.

    what you mean, like they were imbaressed by your presence?

    which kind of audience do you have?

  • Bizar Bazar

    eden wood made my day/night. I’m scared of stars now.

    my audience where mostly teenage girls and they didn’t care what I do,just laughing out loud in the most serious moments. I completely crashed down after

  • Valentina Parlato

    god bless america


    it must be challeging

  • Bizar Bazar

    vale, i felt like a clown

  • Bizar Bazar

    and plus this eybrow,maybe it wasn’t a right idea

  • Valentina Parlato

    oh my sweety

  • Bizar Bazar

    but in 3 days I’m performing again in a festival . they will stop breathing

    i’m telling you

  • Valentina Parlato

    the relation between the nature of my work and the kind of audience experiencing with me is a big issue for me in this very moment

    i know they will

    and forbid the entrance to teenagers


    you know






    like you are shining so much that sometimes it hurts

    and people ends up laughing

    and that’s good

    ’cause you produce joy

    and that’s also bullshit, just take the star part

    talking about body modification

    i wanted to suggest you

  • Bizar Bazar

    why I always have to laugh what you write. Am I complete nuts?

  • Valentina Parlato

    no, It’s cool

    I ‘m also laughing a lot

    but listen

  • Bizar Bazar

    especially when I’m not laughing so much in general, u manage to give me this laugh attacks. I think, i need some modification

    yes, i’m listening

  • Valentina Parlato

    whay don’t you make braids with your hair, like I did

    I don’t have them anymore

    I guess someone should wear that hairstyle in the piece

  • Bizar Bazar

    but I’m getting bald Vale

  • Valentina Parlato

    i believe you would look terrific

    laugh attack

  • Bizar Bazar

    and this is another issue,I’m too weak to face

  • Valentina Parlato

    not true

    and aniway it doesn’t matter

    they can glue fake hair on you

  • Bizar Bazar

    sadly it is. I have to clean my studio floor everyday, with lot’s of desperation

    I was thinking, that I need someones support to go for it. u think it’s not too early? i’m afraid everyone will notice

  • Valentina Parlato

    Child Beauty Pageant Hair and Makeup


    Just fun pics of pageant t hair and makeup. If you don’t think its good for them to wear makeup don’t bother watching of commenting. It’s a part of pageantry…
  • Valentina Parlato

    are you talking about a shrink or a housemaid? I’m confused

  • Bizar Bazar

    then it won’t be about lost eyebrow anymore.

  • Valentina Parlato

    sorry that’s my only cultural reference right now

  • Bizar Bazar

    you know what I’m afraid of the most?

    to be raped by those kinda girls

  • Valentina Parlato

    tell me

    I use to watch it before falling asleep

    instead of getting a real life

    a real sexual life

  • Bizar Bazar

    is that your main inspiration? it gives you courage to go on?

  • Valentina Parlato

    yes it give me strength

    or strenght

    that thing

  • Bizar Bazar

    do you have a big mirror in your house?

  • Valentina Parlato

    a couple of them

    one also makes me look skynner

    love it

    but then I have to check on the other one

    otherwise I could go out to much full of myself

    sky ner

  • Bizar Bazar

    u r trapped in between 2 realities,but not aware,that none of them is real

  • Valentina Parlato

    my mouth is falling apart

    I’m loosing a tooth

    un other one



  • Bizar Bazar

    oh jesus christ the youth is gone …..I’ll be bald soon and u without tooth

  • Valentina Parlato

    and people will laugh at us

  • Bizar Bazar

    we need to know how is Fe doing

  • Valentina Parlato

    was thinking the same

    and that’s it

  • Bizar Bazar

    I lost eyebrow,but that’s just temporary.

  • Valentina Parlato


    they’ll grow back, and my teeth too

    my andy

  • Bizar Bazar

    maybe we leave some space for his part,otherwise I dont wanna be called senseless again

  • Valentina Parlato

    i go to sleep


  • Bizar Bazar

    yes, we both go to sleep
    oh shit , here is CRAZY storm. my house will fall apart

    nature is showing it’s teeth

  • Valentina Parlato

    drama, always drama

    lock your door

    pageant girls love storming night

  • Bizar Bazar

    if there is no drama,I’m lost. but if I’m lost,there is always a drama

  • Valentina Parlato

    so good to laugh so much so good

  • Bizar Bazar


    i love you vale, now it’s time to rest

  • Valentina Parlato

    love you too

    thanks for this love

  • Bizar Bazar

    because it’s not my first youth anymore,can’t stay over the night

  • Valentina Parlato

    sleep well and safe

    don’t tell me about it, we are not as fernando anymore

  • Bizar Bazar

    you too babe, sleep well*****

  • Bizar Bazar

    youth is gone, but coolness stays forever

  • Fernando Belfiore

    ow i see the babies are going to bed!

    it is just too early for that

    and I know you all didnt manage yet to get out of this computer:)

    so funny to read all this messages like a voyer hahaha

    and good to know you guys think about me

    ok this is a monologue


    or as it vales says


    i see we are not gonna have problems to rehearsal the talking scene…u guys are so good in this

    andrius are you learning portuguese?? cos which language you think you are gonna speak in sao paulo festival?

    ok i see know you guys r also gonna have to spend hour to catch up the messages…

    u guys talked for more them 1 hour

    do i manage to speak alone with you so long like that?

    guys you are still thinking about this trip dates omfg:) i didnt get anythink now when should i book the tickets..

    vale if you have the opportunity to go to france you should go

    but it is true so lets try to reserve 5 days rehearsal even if separated

    ok i think i never talked so much alone

    i think i should also have a monologue in the piece

    this think we all do the same sucks


    and how about alice?

    you guys dont miss her?

    she might be very said she was not remind in the messages

    ok i also fell shit and i think the smoke and amsterdam are destroying my cuteness


    i should do something about it

    i also feel old

    but andy you can start buying finasterida for the hair it works:)

    and sorry

    what about this mushroom story

    i didnt called it art did i?

    anyways it is

    food art



    book art

    mood art

    good art

    poo art

    blood art

    tooth art

    and the girls was florentina

    but u know there a lot of stuff i dont put on fb so still 80 per cent of my life is a secret

    a secret for my self as

    well, that i am trying to discorver


    ok i see this is enjoyble i could stay here for some hours

    but i have to go to bed also

    do u know when u have so much boring thing to do and u end up doing nothing…

    like doing your taxes sending emails , buying flights, finishing application

    btw i finished the application to try to have some more money for .share. hope we get it

    and that we can go to frankfurt also…

    but them it will be again a whole month just to try to book the flights hahahah

    hey vale i see you are reading the messages

  • Valentina Parlato

    no i’m not

  • Fernando Belfiore

    but i go to sleep before and dont hold yourself and start reacting on the m….


  • Valentina Parlato

    what the hell is going on here

  • Fernando Belfiore


    u justt spoild my monoguele moment

  • Fernando Belfiore

    it was a good lonely within the others exercice

  • Valentina Parlato

    peace and love brother and sister

  • Bizar Bazar

     i just came to close my computer ,bye guys

  • Fernando Belfiore

    it is like attracting by insistence

  • Bizar Bazar


  • Valentina Parlato

    bye guys we talk/ write tomorrow

  • Bizar Bazar



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