FERNANDO BELFIORE [1983 – Sao Paolo, Brazil] is a choreographer and performance artist currently based in Amsterdam. He graduated from the School for New Dance Development – SNDO. Before moving to Europe he completed his studies of theater at Sao Paolo Public University – EAD/USP. He was invited to be part of Europe in Motion program in 2012 and received the Impulstanz Danceweb scholarship in 2013. He is a guest teacher at SNDO since 2012 and has been teaching workshops abroad and mentoring young artists.

After his graduation, he received an award for best direction in Spain and was nominated for ITS Festival Choreography Award with The miserable Thing. Since then he has slowly toured his works extensively in many European countries, America and Asia in places such as American Realness Festival, New York, Fierce Festival Birmingham, Guangdong Dance Festival, Festival Contemporaneo de Danca, Sao Paulo, among others. After graduating he made his solo You Must with the dramaturgic collaboration of Ivo Dimchev and .whatdofinallyshare. that was selected for Aerowaves as priority company 2013. Also in 2013, he started to develop the performance improvisation practice called Supernatural together with Florentina Holzinger. His last solo premiered at the end of 2014, Al13FB<3, was selected to Aerowaves TopTwenty 2016.

Last Year, 2016, he represented The Netherlands at the Olympic Cultural Program in Rio de Janeiro at dance category (HOBRA/FPK/Panorama Festival) creating a mass choreography and installation. He was commissioned to make work for students of FONTYS Academy in Tilburg and directed a new work D3US/X\M4CHIN4. Belfiore also created a series of social practices in Amsterdam called EXPERIMENTS inspired by LOTE/Cristian Duarte residences and has been collaborating with artists from the local scene and abroad.

He is Artist In Residence at the production house Dansmakers Amsterdam since 2011 and supported by International Choreographic Art Centre (ICK), Amsterdam Fonds for the Arts and Work Space Brussels. He also performed in projects by Deborah Hay, Miet Warlop, Ann Liv Young, Ibrahim Quraishi, Matej Kejžar, Bojan Djordjev, Vincent Riebeek, Jeremy Wade, Peaches and The Knife.

Belfiore works explore performance art having the body as his main medium trough the mixture of theater, choreographic questions and visual arts references.  Each work proposes a diverse experience because Belfiore drinks from diverse themes and experiments with modes of creation.

The performer’s presence and potentialities of the body affects are a strong characteristic of his work. He searches for challenging new forms of engagement within the audience’s bodily experience and choice making. His works are intense, designed, visual and radical often arriving at places of softness, and delicate transformation. He is intrigued by questioning our social relations and integrating unusual elements together to choreography. All his works present a body that is primitive and vulnerable, which is contrasted with a mix of pop and mass culture elements. He is not a minimalist and often is compared with Kubrick’s or Lynch’s language for the stage. Belfiore avoids completely theater as an illusion box but seeks for magic. Also, does not work with dance as a combination of set movements one after the other but as precise sculptural tasks and actions to transform the space and the mind, we are set in. He is searching for the extraordinary within the earthly.


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