2010 Billions


BILLIONS was my 3rd year SNDO work. It was performed at


Advisors Rose Akras and Igor Dobricic

Music Tian Rotteveel

‘The most violent thing to do is to do nothing.’ Slavoj Zizek

‘The crucial thing is that we know that behind the order of this world there is another.’ A. Artaud

In the solo Billions, a human body and a plastic body dialogues in the stage. A choreography on complexity of images questioning our contemporary notion of humanity and how we perceive ourselves among the idea of reproduction, power and models. A  question of who is human, who is not? What defines a human being a human being? And what in non-human in man? MASS

Where control and disorder, perfection and mutilation find in its contradiction ways of explore with humor and irony the complexity of where/when/who are we? A man behind his glasses. A man behind glasses. A man behind. 

The piece Billions embraces a research on how the body brings a complexity of images and how the body can materialize them in actions. Investigating the images and a plastic body that is constantly seeing behind window-shops. The body itself is in exposition but not the subject. In front of these windows  our own bodies consum. The body-working-factory-of-desires.  We reproduce in quantity : products, cells, connections, bodies.

.image of perfection. .dominate and be dominated. How deep our relations can be within humans and objetcs? Is the body taken as a fetish product? Is the idea of body beauty constructed in harmonic perfection? Is that a model which makes us patterns of our ideas? What is reproduction relations of objects and humans? How reproduction affects authenticity?

The audience is invited from the beggining to be active into experiencing and intrigued by the puzzle constructed in this piece by the dramaturgic choices.

What I look for in this piece is to expose trough physicality using the theater as a tool to experience and reflect upon the way and points-of-view we perceive life. The audience is invited to get in contact with another logic of seeing.

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