2009 Os Filhos das putas

(the sons of the bitches)

Performed at NuitBlanche Festival at Mata Hari at Red Light District .It was an epic dance research inspired in Bertold Brecht theater studies questions and the Epic Theater. The work was made in chapters with 3 parts The bitch/The son/The father

_ Some people can ‘enjoy’ more than others. Fact. Enjoy what? Questions.

_ The Epic Theater was intending to request more of the audience. An active audience in a position of observes of life , gesture.  Body brings information, formation and deformation of history. Gestures and Social Gestures. Life is changeable. It is already changing. In which direction?

.I amErica .

” So, she went to the midle of the bridge above the river. Looking to the water, at night, she could see her black face. She was there, standing still, deciding whether or not she’d trow herself . What? She thought that she could decide her destiny. A destiny that she obeyed her whole life. She was trying to decide between suicide or to stay there waiting for a miracle. She was deciding without knowing that in some moments inside her, clots of blood, that was already giving taste into her mouth would impede her breathing. When she close her eyes she thought about Superman. She really hope to be saved by him. Besides his handsomeness he had also special power. [...] After rolling some meters she didn’t know where she was . Nor who she was. In fact, she never knew . Never asked herself ‘who am I’. She was just born and started to live without ask anything. Never asked herself why things are like this. Its is like this because it is like this. Is there a better explanation? On the floor, she felt some pain before dieing. Before dieing she remembered to put her hand on the face like the ballerinas used to do. And just thought that a really handsome prince could kiss to wake her up. Handsome. Like Brad Pitt. It was her last thought before the black out”