2008 All I see is food or The function they gave me

(I) lay a egg on the stage.

exploit/tired/suicide/pacient/enclosured/willing for survive/impossible to fly/heavy movements/full of feathers/etc

“etc,etc,etc is what clucks all day long the chicken”

1st work at SNDO. Using the text of Clarice Lispector ‘ The egg and the chicken’, this work explored the relation between text and body to construct physicality. It was the beginning of my research in choreography as channel for shifting perception, and the stage as place for delirium. Exposing the politics of Political art as exposing of politics of/and reflection the politics of aesthetic.


In the morning on the kitchen table I see the egg. No sooner do I see the egg than I have seen an egg, the same egg which has existed for three thousand years. The egg has no self. Individually, it does not exist. The egg will always be revolutionary. The egg exposes the kitchen. It inclinates the table.

The chicken loves the egg.She does not know that  an egg truly exist.If she knew that has an egg inside her, would lose her state of chicken. To be a chiken is the chicken’s surviving. Survival is what remais.

The chiken who had chosen to be ‘happy’. She who didn’t know how to lose herself. She who thought her feathers were to cover her precious skin. She who thought that ‘I’ means to posses a ‘selfness’ Their I is so persistent that they cannot pronounce the work egg.

There are cases of agents who commit suicide: they discover the few instructions they receive explain nothing. There is a job, let’s say’ cosmic’ to be done and unfortunately individual cases cannot be taken into consideration. They want me occupied and distracted .

We agents in disguise and distributed for the less interesting fuction, we sometimes recognize each other. A certain manner of looking, a certain way of shaking hands, we recognize each other, and, this , we call love . Love is when is allow to participate a little more. Few people desire true love because lo shakes our confidence in everything else. And few can bear to lose all their illusions. There are some who opt for love in the belief that love will enrich their personal lives. On the contrary: love is,finally, poverty. Love is to posses nothing.

But what about the egg? this is precisaly one of their strategies.As I was talking about the egg. I forgot it. ‘ Keep on talking’ .’Keep on talking’ is one of their instruction.